Born in 1974 in Los Angeles to an amateur photographer and communications technician specialist and being the great granddaughter to one of the first people of color behind the lens in Hollywood, photography is part of her family and personal lineage.

After completing an elementary summer program at the California Science Center she earned her first actual camera a Pentax K-1000, from this opened up a never ending personal passion for the camera that has become a career from amateur to professional.

After graduating with honors in photography Saundra has work in many different environments on both coasts, many different styles form portraits and products to fine art; she continues to expand her abilities taking on new challenges, ideas and innovations in all aspects of the field form lighting to dynamic perspective.

In 2017 she has joined the family of professional photographers and is a proud and active member of APA and a member of the Press Photographers of Greater Los Angeles. 
Her work has been published in publications such as the Santa Monica College Corsair,  and utilized elsewhere from Galleries to small printed media.
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